NADA 2022 Technology Spotlight

March 9, 2022

The countdown to NADA 2022 in Las Vegas is on! If you haven’t registered yet, you have until March 9 for advanced registration. No matter what your reason for attending, this year’s show is shaping up to be utterly electric. Everything from the speakers to the exhibit hall is gearing up to deliver an unforgettable experience. The automotive retail industry has overcome a lot of disruptions over the past few years. As a result, NADA 2022 is positioned to deliver answers to many of your burning questions. There will be tons of solutions and technologies represented at the show. So, let’s dive into what you can expect from MAX Digital at NADA 2022.

As the ecosystem of solutions gets more sophisticated for dealerships, it is increasingly important to have a stack of technology tools that has your store’s best interest at heart. There are tons of options available for digital retailing, sales enablement, and inventory management. So, it’s up to you to decide on what works best for you to acquire more inventory, merchandise it correctly, and manage your lot. These solutions need to operate in a way that helps you hold more gross, sell more vehicles, and offer a better customer experience. One wrong step can be costing your dealership more than you realize.

Begin with taking a deep dive into how your dealership acquires vehicles. At NADA, we will be demonstrating our power tool, MAX My Trade. For many consumers, there is a level of being in control that seems to be elusive when shopping for a car. It should be your goal to elevate the customer experience by putting them into the driver’s seat of the trade-in process. MAX Digital’s collaborative appraisal tool not only streamlines the customer’s journey, but will also help you get more cars at a lower cost. Schedule your demo for MAX My Trade at NADA now.

Once you have the vehicle, it is up to you to write a compelling ad that will drive traffic to your dealership or digital properties. Simply syndicating to third-party sites isn’t enough anymore. You need to be honest and transparent with all the details of your inventory. With MAX Ad, you gain a data-rich solution that automates your listings and helps you merchandise like a champ. If you want your car to be the star, you need MAX Ad. Learn more about how data makes a difference by scheduling a demo for MAX Ad at NADA.

Next, as your lot grows, it is important that you smartly manage your inventory. MAX Inventory is the industry leader in providing your team with end-to-end visibility of your entire pre-owned operations process. Powered by FirstLook, MAX Inventory marries deep market data with your sales history to give a unique view into your dealership. You’ll be ahead of the competition in trends, be able to price your inventory as best to the market as possible, and instantly appraise better. No other solution available can help you hold as much gross as you will with MAX Inventory. Book your appointment to see MAX Inventory in action at NADA.

The final piece of the puzzle is MAX Digital Showroom. If you want to empower your team to be instant experts, then you need this solution. Not only can it help your training methodology, but MAX Digital Showroom is also capable of delivering three times more engagement than the typical dealer VDP. You’ll establish trust that builds value. The overall customer experience will be enhanced, and your employees will be instant product experts. Discover how MAX Digital Showroom can level up your dealership by scheduling some time at NADA.

MAX Digital is bringing the thunder to this year’s NADA show. Never before has such an ecosystem of solutions been available for dealerships to grow and succeed. All aspects of your processes are covered. Join us at booth 2721W where you will find solutions that provide a  solid foundational core for you to appraise, price, merchandise, and sell vehicles at the best price possible.