NADA 2022 Wrap Up: An Event Focused on the Future

March 17, 2022

NADA 2022 has come and gone. This year’s event was a high-energy show that brought electricity to the automotive industry. No matter your role, this year’s NADA Show was geared towards delivering next-level touchpoints to help you become more successful in all that you do. For MAX Digital, NADA 2022 provided a platform to connect with dealer partners and show just how powerful next-generation solutions can be for elevating a store to the next level. The show floor was abuzz with electric conversation, industry optimism, and total possibilities.

There were many key takeaways from NADA 2022 in Las Vegas. All of the sessions, all of the speakers, all of the exhibits…they each brought forth the discussions necessary to push the automotive industry into the coming years. In particular, there was a focus on creating a bridge between today, tomorrow, and the future. Everything our industry does is geared towards developing powerful solutions that evolve the way we do business. But what was at the forefront of everyone’s mind?


But not just any inventory. Dealers need to find the RIGHT inventory. That message was loud and clear across the board. Everyone was clamoring about where to find this inventory. Many had questions. But few had answers. Thankfully, things at NADA 2022 were very positive. Especially when the combination of MAX Digital, ACV, and Driveably were able to deliver a unified message and plan.

In order to aid those dealerships desperately in need of inventory, the direction was clear. Lean on your customers. But simply saying that isn’t enough. Dealers should have a battle plan to best source vehicles from the general population. To accomplish this, dealerships need to have better inspections. Start with diving into the details. Data is your friend here. Leverage as much information as possible to bridge the gap between where your customers are with their vehicles and where they are going with them. Motivate them to sell by creating a positive customer experience that meets them where they are.

Moreover, having better inspections allows you to get the right car in the right condition. This is crucial for your dealership because it helps build value and trust with your customers. Technology will continue to be a driving force in this realm. NADA 2022 taught us that we need to be proactive in how we determine if a vehicle is actually a good fit. For you to be confident in your process, you need to leverage the best data available.

There were many learning opportunities at this year’s show. That’s why it is so important that we as an industry continue to look forward. We are on the cusp of the future. Thankfully, the technology and data are available for dealerships to make informed decisions. The inventory is out there. NADA 2022 taught us to be smart in acquiring the right inventory. You don’t want your turnaround time to linger beyond a certain period.

Put your dealership on the path to success by focusing on your key takeaways from NADA 2022. Data is more than a buzzword. It is tangible insights for your dealership to get the right inventory, in the right condition, and at the right time. For you to be successful, you need a partner capable of delivering data that works. Make informed decisions with MAX Digital. Schedule your consultation today.