Partner Testimonial: MAXimizing Profit for Luther Automotive

July 25, 2018

With 37 locations and more than 14,000 automobiles, Luther Automotive has a lot of cars to manage. Nick Johnson, pre-owned director for Luther Automotive took the time to sit down and share some of the things he values the most about MAXDigital’s platform.

Ability to Merchandise Inventory Online

MAXDigital provides a simple, expedited, and repeatable process that reaches customers and grabs their attention. Nick says that online, as a consumer, “I get the information I need about that car.” It gives customers the information they want and need in a comprehensive way that gets them in the door.

Measuring, Monitoring, and Changing Habits

Habits can be hard to break, but change is necessary to develop and grow. MAXDigital software has allowed Luther Automotive to identify many areas of opportunity through analytics — what stores, sales consultants, or dealer managers are deviating from the current listed internet price to actual transaction price. Nick says that right after partnering with MAXDigital, “We saw that we had some significant opportunities in some of our stores that we found and dove into.”

Stopping the Drop

Getting all the information right in front of the customer and talking about it early allows for transparency and reliability, which prevents Luther from having to give a second discount. Luther Automotive has seen a $110 difference in deviation from their listed internet price to their actual transaction price since partnering with MAXDigital.

We want to thank Nick Johnson for sharing how MAXDigital has helped grow Luther Automotive! Whether your dealership needs support acquiring, pricing, merchandising, or selling vehicles, MAXDigital has you covered. Schedule your personalized demo today.