Push Your Dealership into Overdrive in 2022

January 3, 2022

Welcome to the new year! It is officially 2022. The ghosts of the past 12 months are gone and we have only our successes to build off of. It doesn’t matter if you struggled or had a banner year, the turning of the calendar symbolizes opportunity for your dealership. The demand for and value of used cars transformed the typical business model for most of last year. With supply chain issues still posing challenges and the pandemic lingering, there are likely to be disruptors that impact daily operations for the coming months. However, the beginning of the year is the perfect time to focus on operations and to set yourself up for success. So, where do you begin?

Start by training your staff to be the best possible members of your team. Technology has brought forth a lot of changes for how cars are sold. On top of that, new features and vehicle packages have transformed the complexity of each piece of inventory. This results in your staff needing to be prepared for a variety of different sales situations. Putting a digital showroom directly at their fingertips trains your staff to answer any question that a customer might have. It brings data and information pertaining to any vehicle, on or off brand, and makes product details quickly searchable. A digital showroom should be on your strategy roadmap for training your staff in the new year.

Next, make it a point to focus on sales enablement for your lot. Supplementing your training strategy with sales enablement solutions allows you to make a formidable battle plan for 2022. In conjunction with a digital showroom for your employees, having next generation tools for sales enablement simply elevates their ability to sell more at a higher gross. A variety of new technologies exist that streamline communication, sell more cars, and get the most money for each transaction. Enable your team to be successful by providing the digital touchpoints needed to interact best with customers.

Finally, get the highest quality possible data for your dealership that will drive maximum profit while you can acquire much needed inventory. Data is the backbone of your lot. It’s the lifeblood that moves you forward. With proper insights, you will learn which vehicles are best for your dealership. This gives you an edge against your competitors. On top of that, you’ll gain the ability to hold more gross on every transaction. Invest in a rich inventory management system to receive the greatest possible data around. Don’t skimp here, especially with disruptors on the horizon for the new year. Put yourself in a position to win with an inventory management system powered by the most robust data around.

There is no reason to fear the upcoming months. With 2021 behind us, we have all the power in the world to create a successful year in the automotive retail space. Put an emphasis on training your team to be superstars. Invest in sales enablement tools that actively transform how your staff is able to interact and communicate with customers. Lastly, bring your dealership into the next generation with a data rich inventory management solution. You won’t have to guess about which vehicles will sell best from your lot anymore.

2022 can be a banner year for your lot. And MAX Digital has the solutions you need to be successful. From the ability to better train your staff with a digital showroom, to a dynamic data system which will help you hold more gross on every car, MAX Digital is your solutions provider for digital retailing and sales enablement. Don’t stress over what you can’t handle. Instead, schedule a consultation and learn how MAX Digital’s robust suite of solutions will help you achieve your goals in the new year.