Pushing the Boundaries of What Technology Can Accomplish for Automotive Retail

February 16, 2021

Much like the concept that luck occurs when hard work meets opportunity, technology exists as the result of innovation and perseverance. Specifically for the automotive retail industry, technology is a bridge that connects where we are and where we want to be. It grows to match the needs of today while expanding to meet the goals of tomorrow. But technology is more than just a shiny new object to sell more cars. It pushes the boundaries of what we can accomplish. The right technology, when combined with a dealership, provides a roadmap for success to make your life easier. If your solutions are complicating matters, then it is up to you to evaluate your current state.

Start by taking the lay of the land and assess your unique situation. Chances are that there is an opportunity to advance your technology in such a way that your dealership will benefit dramatically. What solutions are you using today? If your tools aren’t next-generation, then you risk damaging your dealership and diminishing your customer’s experience. Keep that in mind when considering a solution for inventory management or sales enablement as experience is important. More specifically, the experience of your employees will extend to your customers. The more knowledge on hand at your dealership results in a more fulfilling customer experience.

And, because things have changed so drastically, technology plays an even larger role on how consumers shop. The playing field has been leveled. Having an online presence is very conventional nowadays. What isn’t commonplace, however, is a streamlined process for online to offline transactions. Many dealers will agree that this is a necessity, but haven’t necessarily invested in all of the technology pieces to make this possible. The key to your success is adopting advanced, next-generation solutions that can deliver world-class results.

Technology has accelerated digital retail for the automotive industry. When it comes to merchandising, it is critical to be competitive in new ways. Consumers want to receive as much information as possible. In doing so, the customer journey is sped up, reducing stress for consumers and decreasing the overall amount of time spent during the sales cycle. Time is money, and the right technology solutions for your dealership means you get more time. What you do with this time is up to you. But less time spent manually clicking through disparate systems and outdated tools means more time spent interacting with customers and selling vehicles.

Smart solutions exist to maximize and connect today’s online shoppers with the experience they want, and frankly, deserve. It is up to automotive dealers to do more and do it more efficiently. If you hesitate at all about your ability to quickly merchandise a vehicle, sort out your inventory, access packages and vehicle information for customers, or assess trade-ins, then you are doing your store a disservice. Car buying is currently a hybrid between online and in-store. While omnichannel is improving, it is up to you to invest in the technologies today that will greatly impact your ability to competitively sell vehicles tomorrow.

It can’t be stressed enough how next-generation solutions are needed now more than ever before. If you haven’t evaluated your systems in a while, it’s time for a check-up. MAX Digital is capable of helping your dealership step into the future. With advanced tools for inventory management and sales enablement, MAX Digital brings innovative solutions to make you more competitive, quickly connect with customers, hold more gross, and do what you do best...sell vehicles. Connect with a MAX Digital consultant today.