Searching for More Inventory? Then it's Time to Get Smarter with S.A.M.

September 7, 2022

Here is a silly question: Do you need more inventory for your lot? You've tried getting creative. You've tried thinking outside of the box. You've reached out to the community and engaged consumers. But have you tried S.A.M.? ACV's Smart Acquisition Manager, known as S.A.M. exists to serve your dealership by finding the core cars you need. Pairing S.A.M. to your existing MAX Digital account is a surefire way to take your dealership to the next level. With a minimal weekly time investment to keep your buying preferences up to date, you can rest easy knowing you will never miss out on securing the best inventory for your dealership.​​​ Using S.A.M. is easy. Simply set clear parameters around the exact make and model of the vehicle you want in the condition you need for the price you can afford. Start by setting S.A.M. Alerts for precisely what inventory you are looking for. Get notified via text and email only when a vehicle that fits your buying rules comes up. There is no grinding at auctions or disappointment anymore. You also won't be chained to your smartphone or computer, watching and bidding on digital auctions. Next, quickly customize vehicle condition preferences down to granular details, including or excluding condition report details such as warning lights, tire condition, frame damage, and title statuses.Then, S.A.M goes to work for you as your own virtual buying assistant working around the clock to secure those core vehicles. On top of that, you get to include transportation rules directly into the buying restrictions. Depending on your comfort level, you can select to use it as an advanced notification tool, or utilize it as a data-driven buying tool. Dealers can pick which S.A.M. Models are set up for bidding and which ones will only receive notifications.At its core, S.A.M. is a programmatic buying solution designed with your dealership in mind, giving you key buying options and complete power to customize. The first is S.A.M. classic. With this option, you can keep things as streamlined as you like. If you do not have your own technology platforms, you can use MAX Digital's user experience to create a highly detailed S.A.M. Model by specifying conditions, pricing, and location parameters. Upon completion, your inventory needs are then launched automatically. It is straightforward and user-friendly.The other option is leveling up to S.A.M. API. This offering is available for dealers who have technology platforms that can integrate directly with ACV's real-time APIs to generate bids within the marketplace. At the end of the day, you need more inventory and you need more options to obtain it. You can't add more time to the day. But what you can do is make more out of the time you do have. S.A.M. is a virtual buying assistant that is dedicated to helping dealers make more of their time. No longer do you have to worry about losing out on valuable pieces of inventory.Don't hesitate a second longer. Learn more about how ACV's S.A.M. can help you secure inventory today and get on the road to a successful tomorrow.