Stand Out on the Digital Road by Writing Ads Powered by Clean Data

September 9, 2021

There are a lot of disruptors in the automotive retail industry. As a result, it may be difficult for your voice as a dealership to be heard. How do you stand out on the digital road? Emphasize attracting customers with as many details as possible. Make sure your ads are written in a way that actually catches the customer’s eye. You need a rich data set that drives traffic. Stop writing your own ads and automate them with a best-in-class automotive software solution.

You see, data truly makes a difference. Never discount the power of the intelligence that your solutions bring. Instead, leverage your data to automate your listings and captivate your audience. Consumers want things to be easy, but they also want robust details before they step onto your lot. Consider utilizing a library of vehicle attributes and market listings which are analyzed daily.

Data truly makes the difference between success and failure. You’ll stand out when your data is sparkly clean and works in harmony with your CRM and DMS systems. That way, when you make a change in one system, that change is reflected everywhere else. This level of interoperability helps you syndicate vehicle listings across hundreds of sites, as well as allows you to utilize clean data feeds for your social platforms.

At the end of the day, better data powers better results for producing ads at your dealership. And better results lead to a superior customer journey. Fuel shopper’s decision-making process by delivering an unparalleled experience that provides all the critical details on your inventory. Empower the consumer to shop beyond traditional make and model by utilizing your technology to create a better customer experience.

Now is the time to write inspired ads. A truly robust software solution allows you to take mobile photos and drive that data across your listings. Ad writing should be streamlined and automated. This makes your job as a car dealer easier and makes the customer’s buying journey smoother. Stop messing around with dirty data. Clean your feeds today and watch as the process of writing your ads will help you stand out on the digital road.

Not sure where to start? That’s ok. MAX Digital is here to help. With MAX Ad, car dealerships get the one thing they need most: data. This data will instantly go to work for you to create the best ads possible. Standing out on the digital road is as easy as setting up a demo. Schedule your consultation with an auto industry expert today.