The Age of the Informed Customer

July 23, 2015

With the birth of the internet and increased reliance of technology, people seek education more than ever. It’s no surprise that people are more apt to search to find an answer to a question from a medical issue to consumer research. Since information on the internet is crowdsourced, the accuracy of information found varies widely. But given this research behavior, everyone has access to become an “instant expert” in a short period of time.

It’s no surprise that this behavior directly translates to directly to automotive consumers. As they research, the results can be overwhelming. What are they looking for? What do they want to know? Of course customers want the best price available and they base that belief on data about other market listings. But there’s more to a sale than price. And there’s an opportunity.

As a consumer researches a vehicle they are interested in, it behooves dealerships to present their inventory and dealership in the most favorable light. How? Of course they can show a vehicle price compared to books, but what about relative to the market? What about dealership differentiators? How do you do that?!

This is the information the consumer is looking for across the web; but if a dealership gives it to them, saving them time and effort, they’re making easier on them. Check plus for the dealer. But are they trustworthy? Of course! Car dealers are nice people…. But the perception of dealerships isn’t so favorable. But maybe by showing information from elsewhere, like price versus book and market listings you’re demonstrating transparency to the consumer. And that is what consumers are looking for more than anything else. Now that means a gold star!