The Downside to Dirty Data

June 9, 2021

What do you consider to be the greatest asset on your lot? If your answer isn’t data, then you may be in trouble. You see, data is the backbone of success for every aspect of your dealership. From how your staff sells to how you manage inventory, the cleaner your data is, the better you will perform. But you can’t simply rely on data to do the heavy lifting for you. As a dealership, it is your responsibility to navigate the fluctuations of daily operations by leveraging clean data for success. If your data is dirty or not receiving routine maintenance, you risk negatively impacting your customers and harming your bottom line. Simply put, dirty data could be costing you more revenue than you realize.

When it comes to data, you need to be vigilant about how you collect it and what you do with it. Data is a powerful tool on your lot. Not actively pursuing the cleanest form possible puts you at a disadvantage against your competitors. Because capturing data is so important, it is critical that you use the most advanced tools available to collect information at vital touchpoints. Your systems need to be sophisticated in how they handle various information. Go beyond simply uploading attributes that seem useful. Take a deep dive into where the data is coming from and what it can do for your dealership.

In particular, be sure to pair your data with your sales history to create a robust platform. From there, you are able to stock, price, and appraise vehicles to match your local market demand with highly customizable attributes. You can methodically target years, makes, and models that will best sell from your lot. Pricing is accurately reflected with true-market value. And you are able to appraise and price with precision across the full inventory cycle. Clean data is a difference-maker for your dealership.

Partnering with a next-generation provider delivers data that will go right to work for you. In particular, the cleaner you can be, the better your chances to increase overall productivity from your staff. As a business leader, you get the highest quality information that will streamline your decision-making process. Errors will be reduced on ads, inventory will contain only pertinent and relevant facts, and sales enablement will be made easy.

At the end of the day, the cleaner your data, the smoother your dealership will operate. This extends beyond simply empowering your staff though. Streamlining your process with next-generation solutions will dramatically improve the customer experience. Consumers will be less frustrated and your staff will be able to focus on what they do best: putting smiles on faces. All the possibilities for improving your customer’s experience are at your fingertips. You just need to embrace them.

Don’t mess around with dirty data for a second longer. Work to clean up your processes and watch as your inventory management sees significant improvement. Merchandising will be easier than ever before. Even the trade-in and appraisal process will be enhanced. Get the data that you deserve. Provide your staff with the weapons they need to succeed. And dramatically improve how consumers view your lot. MAX Digital is your go-to partner for getting you the best, cleanest data possible. Schedule your FREE consultation today and discover just how valuable your data can be.