The Impact of Training and Development at Your Dealership

May 11, 2022

Examining your dealership to discover new ways for improvement is important to your store’s ultimate trajectory. From the way you interact with consumers to the methods you use to train and develop your staff, your lot’s potential to be competitive hinges on your ability to prepare your team for every situation. In today’s market, coaching and development are more important than ever before. Retaining quality employees helps set you apart from others while also helping you to positively build your brand’s reputation. When it comes to advancing to the next level, it’s critical that you invest the time and resources into creating an environment for your team to grow. That’s where a digital showroom comes into play.

You see, a digital showroom is more than just a tool that generates more engagement than the typical dealer VDP. A next-generation solution brings possibilities to your lot for elevated training. Think about it like this: If you want your dealership to have the best reputation around, then you need to have the best team around. Start by incorporating a digital showroom into your ecosystem of solutions. This will give your staff all the information needed to sell a vehicle – instantly at their fingertips. Specifically with MAX Digital Showroom, you empower your personnel to exceed your customer’s expectations. This is a surefire way to enhance the overall experience a consumer has when interacting with your brand.

Through proper training and development, you transform your team into experts on every vehicle on your lot. Because customers are going to have questions about your inventory, your staff needs to quickly have answers. And they will with MAX Digital Showroom. There are so many vehicle makes and models available. This creates a knowledge gap in how individuals can and do perform. If your team members are operating with an educational deficiency, the consumer will know. This is of the utmost importance now as shoppers have access to so many touchpoints where they can learn about a vehicle, its packages, and competitor pricing. Don’t throw your team under the bus. Instead, empower them with quality training and development.

By leveraging a digital showroom to teach your staff about your inventory, you’ll also likely see some influence on retention. Turnover is high in the automotive industry. So, when you have a great person on your staff, it’s very important to keep them around. Training your team on inventory and helping to develop their skills will create a more unified front at your dealership. This will really play into how your brand is perceived in the market. Making a customer happy often starts with a smile. And when a customer comes back and sees that same smiling face, they will be more comfortable and at ease. Replicating this process through retention will help word of mouth spread about how great your dealership is.

At the end of the day, proper training and development at your dealership is an opportunity for you to advance the skills of your staff while elevating your store’s reputation. There are many tools available, but you need to level up your lot with a digital showroom today. No other solution on the market is capable of turning your team into instant product experts. Their knowledge and dedication will shine through when a customer shops your dealership. In doing this, you will also create a more positive work environment that will be conducive to improving your employee retention.

Our industry is all about experiences. While it is critical that you focus on the consumer, it is also vital to look inward and examine the methods that you use to help your employees be the best possible team. With so many new technologies advancing the automotive industry, even seasoned salespeople might need a refresher on inventory. Coupling your existing training methods with a digital showroom elevates your ability to empower your staff. New features and packages will continue to come out each and every year. As a result, you don’t have time to do things the old-fashioned way. The modern consumer is savvy, smart, and technologically sophisticated. Give your team an upper hand by leveraging a digital showroom for training and development.

MAX Digital exists to help your dealership when it comes to merchandising and inventory management. Our advanced solutions provide new opportunities for you to work with your team in identifying fresh ways for training and development in the automotive retail space. With a digital showroom, you gain the ability to establish trust that builds value which starts with your team and extends to the customer experience. You probably have questions. And that’s a good place to begin. Schedule a consultation with MAX Digital and learn the many different ways MAX Digital Showroom is right for your lot and team!