The Opportunity of a Lifetime

June 18, 2015

Opportunities of a lifetime don’t come by often, that’s why we call them an “opportunity of a lifetime”, and I recently got one! My opportunity was to join a successful company, INC 500’s fastest-growing software company in Chicago and 3rd fastest growing software company in the nation, and run Product Management. I’m now 2.5 months into the job as Vice President of Product Management for MAX Digital.

In my new role I inherit successful products that have made the company the success that it is. And, as with any existing product, I have a plethora of enhancement requests (customer requests?), technical debt, innovation, competitive differentiators and so much more. Now begins the exciting balancing act of determining just the right mix of all these things. It’s truly a Product Manager’s dream come true!

Will we get it exactly right day one? Probably not, but we’ll start somewhere and continuously improve with our customer’s feedback and enjoy the exciting journey that we are about to embark upon. I invite you to follow me as I take this journey; I will be posting something new next month. In the meantime, I would love to hear your comments and advice – thanks in advance!