The Salesperson v. Car Shopper Information Imbalance

September 20, 2019

Your sales staff is knowledgeable and they know a lot about cars and models in general. But on any specific unit on your lot, how long do you think your sales reps have to learn about the details on that exact vehicle? Maybe 20-30 minutes on the high side?

Meanwhile your potential car buyers have been doing their homework. A lot of it. The 2019 Cox Study shared car buyers are spending 13 hours and 55 minutes researching. That's a huge information imbalance where your dealership is looked at to add value.

The graphic below is built to scale so you can see the imbalance in time spent with vehicle specific information.

Minutes Spent Researching Vehicles

That’s a meaningful difference. It’s the difference in the average weight of a Koala Bear and a Brown Bear.

Koala Bear Visual

If you can’t be the bigger bear, make every minute your team has to spend count in arming them with tools that help them become instant experts. If you are a BMW dealership that acquired a Toyota from your sister store down the street, make sure your sales team has full access to all the option and package details needed for that Toyota. Maybe you are a Honda dealership and acquired a Ford F-150 from a trade-in. Your team won’t have as much time as your car shoppers do, so create systems that let them be information heavyweights by giving them all the information they need to speak with confidence and credibility.