The Three Steps to Landing More Appointments at Your Dealership

June 7, 2022

Let’s face it. Even though the automotive industry is experiencing a boom, you probably still want more. Grosses are up, but inventory is tight. That means you need to get more people on your lot and digital properties. Setting appointments doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, there are three easy ways to increase traffic to your dealership and online touchpoints. And it all starts with a digital showroom.

There is a war for the consumer in automotive retail. Whether you are trying to buy a car or sell one, it’s more important than ever before that you prepare your team to be experts on every piece of inventory that crosses your path. Having a proper solution for a digital showroom really transforms the way you can do business. Merchandising, nurturing, and sales are all opportunities for you to proactively engage with consumers. It is a process with many moving pieces, but how you approach those parts helps create opportunities to delight your customers in new and exciting ways.

Starting with how you merchandise, a digital showroom allows you to establish trust that builds value from the moment a consumer first interacts with your brand. You are able to provide all of the information that a consumer needs right at the initial point of contact. Pricing is transparent and the inclusion of packages creates a more streamlined approach to shopping. The consumer can browse with confidence while knowing that what they are viewing is accurate, fair, and worth their time.

From there, the customer journey will likely bring them to your BDC team. Here, the consumer will be able to ask any questions about your inventory, pricing, and availability. Your BDC rep will be able to engage with the shopper at a high level. This will help build trust and start a relationship between both parties that can be fruitful for years to come. As your BDC team addresses questions, they will be able to steer the conversation in any number of directions. A digital showroom is not only a good training tool to turn your team into product experts, but it also gives the opportunity to deliver digital information on the go. Easily send and share vehicle listings to the consumer and capture leads in your CRM to quickly reconnect with them throughout the sales cycle.

Finally, empower your sales team to be fonts of knowledge. As a consumer is pushed through the funnel, they will have several experiences under their belt. That’s why it is important to make sure your salespeople are product experts. With a digital showroom, they gain access to advanced insights from the palm of their hands. There can’t be any gap in the flow of information across your touchpoints. So, when the consumer engages with your team on your lot, an advanced solution ensures that everything the shopper has seen and heard matches what you are able to provide. Manage expectations and provide an elevated experience. This will bring consumers back to your dealership time and time again.

Whether you are looking to increase your inventory or trying to shed vehicles, you need to focus on getting more appointments. But, your dealership is about more than just selling cars. It is providing next-level experiences that match and exceed customer expectations. A digital showroom is your opportunity to bring knowledge to your lot. Everyone from the BDC rep to the sales team will have an opportunity to be a product expert. This streamlines the conversations, rightsizes interactions, and improves engagement. Consumers can successfully shop your inventory which will now be better merchandised and more easily searchable.

Just because grosses are high doesn’t mean you should be complacent. Instead of sitting by idly, now is the time to invest in solutions that will help you thrive in the future. MAX Digital is capable of bringing a next-generation ecosystem to your store. These advanced solutions, including MAX Digital Showroom, work in harmony to improve how you merchandise, manage, and sell. At the end of the day, you’ll improve the customer experience. The happier the customer, the more likely you are to get that coveted positive review. Your reputation matters. And it starts with technology that works well with people. Schedule your free consultation today to learn more about why a digital showroom is right for your dealership.