The Wonderful World of Digital Retailing

April 6, 2021

Where do you stand with digital retailing? It’s true that where we are today as an industry is drastically different than where we were yesterday. Even more, where automotive retail is headed tomorrow will be unique to what we are experiencing now. All of this is to say that if you aren’t prepared to integrate new technologies and digital touchpoints for your customers, then you risk becoming obsolete.

Digital retailing exists to improve the car shopping experience. In its simplest form, the practice acts as a bridge between online shopping and traditional purchasing. There is no black and white anymore. The two sides have blended to create a user experience that is seamless and streamlined. But keep in mind that just because there is an increase in touchpoints, that doesn’t give you an excuse to ignore certain segments of consumers who reach out for help.

Rather, the hybrid method of digital retailing and traditional car-buying should act as an augmentation to ultimately deliver a heightened experience. It’s not magic. It is the perfect mixture of convenience and opportunity. Your customer wants to be able to engage with your brand digitally. And some even want to simply purchase online. But by hampering the shopping experience, you stand to turn away potential sales.

Automotive retail will always be a people-first industry. That means your technology needs to work in a manner that supports your staff. Salespeople no longer exist on an island. And because there are multiple fronts on which consumers will engage with your dealership, it is critical that you supply your team with the tools necessary to succeed. Everything from how you display your inventory to how you write ads needs to be conducive to the customer experience while also helping your staff best succeed at doing their job.

Moving forward, interacting with potential customers in new ways broadens your ability to increase sales. The productivity of your staff will improve while your customers will be delighted at the increase of transparency. Simple solutions such as digitizing your showroom and having a mobile tool for appraisals will increase your competitive edge in the marketplace. Digital retailing and sales enablement provide you with the much-needed firepower to elevate your dealership to the next level.

But it isn’t simply about selling more cars. Rather, with the proper stack of tools, you will drastically improve the customer experience and hold more gross on every transaction. This is the dealership of the future. It is a brick-and-mortar store with an endless digital reach. You don’t have to make these decisions alone. MAX Digital is here to partner with you and develop a roadmap for your success. Digital retailing will continue to grow. Listen to what your customers are saying and provide the experience they desire. Schedule your free consultation today and uncover what the future of digital retailing looks like for your dealership.