Top 5 Reasons to Use MAX Digital Showroom Today!

July 15, 2021

Sales enablement is critical for your dealership to sell smarter during every customer interaction. Having a digital showroom only amplifies that. Your dealership needs advanced tools to sell better and more strategically. MAX Digital Showroom is capable of delivering on just that. If you haven’t had a chance to experience this revolutionary solution, schedule your free demo right now. If you need more convincing, here are the top five reasons to use MAX Digital Showroom today.

5. Transform your team into instant product experts

Training is important, and a digital showroom will help take you to the next level. Let your staff learn how to sell on value, not just price alone. With OEM build data, CPO data, market data, vehicle history reports, and more, your team will be transformed into instant product experts. Empower your sales team and exceed your customer’s expectations with MAX Digital Showroom.

4. Get up to three times more engagement than typical dealer VDP

Your vehicle detail page is a key metric for analyzing and optimizing a vehicles' merchandising strategy. The more robust the information you have on your VDP, the more touchpoints you have to sell a vehicle on. With MAX Digital Showroom, you get more engagement than ever before. It truly is a system created with your dealership’s processes in mind.

3. Get all the information you need on the your fingertips

Capture leads in your CRM and quickly reconnect with interested buyers. It’s a breeze to send information from one source to another. With everything you need at your fingertips, any dealership can share information with anyone...instantly. Work smarter with an advanced tool for your digital showroom.

2. A truly omni-channel tool

Move your digital showroom from your mobile device to your desktop. Embedding MAX Digital Showroom into your site provides increased engagement. In fact, shoppers spent over three minutes using the MAX Digital experience versus only 56 sec online for a typical dealer page. Build advanced touchpoints for your customer and make buying a new or used car easy.

1. Build value through trust

Transparency is key for your customers. With a next-generation solution for digital showroom, you can establish this trust in new and creative ways. Every stage of the buying process is illuminated with share-friendly formats. Pricing is straightforward and supported by the inclusion of third-party sources, original MSRP for OEM packages, and detailed vehicle history reports. Answer questions before they are asked and empower the customer to be as confident as possible.

The car buying process continues to evolve and the bar is high. You need to provide an intuitive, transparent shopping experience that empowers your staff to be product champions. MAX Digital can help elevate your dealership to be as high-performing as possible. Provide the customer experience that consumers want while making your staff the most confident around. Schedule your free consultation today and experience what MAX Digital Showroom can do for you.