Top 5 Steps for Digital Transformation at Your Dealership

March 30, 2021

Out with the old, in with the new. For dealers, this is more than just an idiom. It should be a way of life. As technology advances, new opportunities will emerge for digital retailing. Your goal should be to transform your operations as quickly as possible. Rightsize the way you do things and align your strategy to best engage with your customers through these five steps.

5. Utilize analytics for your digital properties

The reality of a hybrid, omnichannel retail experience means there will be less foot traffic to your dealership. Because of this, it is critical that you track your web traffic closely. Data from site visitors will tell you a lot about your customers, what they are looking for, and how they want to shop. With up-to-date analytics, you empower your staff with the knowledge needed to engage with customers digitally or in person.

4. Make the customer experience unique

The customer experience is diverse when it comes to digital retail. For dealers, there is a worry that a level of personal touch is lost. But fear not. With a hybrid method of selling, you can increase personalization for your customers. Cater to them directly wherever they are in their journey. Deploy smart solutions for sales enablement and make it known that each customer is unique and more than just a statistic on your sales board.

3. Use advanced technology to help you leverage your data

With all the technological advancements taking place, there are more opportunities to sell cars than ever before. Specifically for automotive retail, there are several add-ons to supplement your ability to automatically identify potential customers based on geofenced, behavioral, and identity data. Artificial intelligence can then notify your staff to reach out at the right time.

2. Digitize your lot for easy management

Your lot has always been your battleground. As a result, you need to ensure that your inventory is in line and easily accessible. Deploy an inventory management solution that works to help you hold more gross. Proper data will inform your decisions on how to keep your inventory up to date and competitive. You will be able to provide transparency for your customers and build value for your brand.

1.  Provide omnichannel opportunities for seamless shopping

A digital showroom is where you can transform the customer experience that bridges traditional and digital shopping. Customers need to have easy access to your inventory via your website or social media properties. Connecting the dots of the buying journey and providing advanced touchpoints for browsing will set your dealership apart from the competition. Omnichannel is the future and will lead your dealership through digital transformation.

The automotive retail industry has been ready for change. Digital transformation means a step into the future. The events of the past year have illustrated the evolving nature of consumer habits. It’s critical to adopt new technologies to engage with these fluctuations. You can’t wait for the next technological revolution. Instead, meet consumers where they are today. Be proactive in your deployment. MAX Digital has the tools and solutions to get you started on your path to digital transformation. Schedule your free consultation to learn more.