Top 5 Tips to Get Ahead in the Automotive Retail Industry this Fall

October 26, 2021

Autumn is a magical time. The leaves are changing. The temperatures are cooling. And we head into the fourth quarter. Especially with everything going on in the industry due to supply chain shortages, now is the time to put your foot on the gas and accelerate into the end of the year. What you do this fall will pay dividends well beyond tomorrow. With that said, what are the top five things to focus on this fall? Here they are!

5. Data goes beyond numbers

For the automotive retail industry, clean data is like clean water. It is a source of lasting sustenance that can quench your thirst. Beyond being a necessity to understanding your lot, data provides you the insights to sell more, faster, and better. You almost become a wizard, gaining the ability to forecast correctly, merchandise properly, and discover which cars are best for your lot. Don’t overlook data. It is a difference-maker.

4. Acquire like it matters...because it does

Supply shortages are no joke. And with hurricane season only adding to the loss of inventory for fall, you need to be as vigilant as possible in acquiring vehicles. Now is the time to get creative. Each customer that comes to your lot has a potential piece of inventory for you. Treat the appraisal process properly and work with consumers to get them into a new vehicle while also working to secure that elusive piece of used inventory that your next customer will want to buy.

3. Provide clarity in all things you do

There were many lessons to be learned this summer. Now is the time to put those lessons into action. Provide clarity when preparing your vehicles for sale. The ads you write go a long way since many consumers will be shopping from their couches. Digital touchpoints are critical in your battle against competing dealerships. Consider automating your ad writing and put a focus on including packages and trim levels. This will help customers understand the inventory you have while also increasing the searchability of your vehicles.

2. Be approachable and be coachable

When it comes to your lot, you want your team to be viewed as approachable. For that to happen, you need a system for training that goes beyond the norm. Getting quality salespeople is difficult enough. Empower them with a tool for a digital showroom that will teach them the basics and advanced lessons about every piece of inventory on your lot. Push your team to be coachable and watch as your reputation for customer service will increase.

1. Be transparent and honest in your strategy

The customer wants to be in the know. With so much information flying around, you need to be transparent. From the trade-in process to negotiations, put on a consultative hat and treat your customer with respect. Walk around their car and illustrate its true worth. Talk them through packages and options while speaking their language. Take the pressure out of the sales floor and you’ll find an increase in productivity, employee happiness, and customer loyalty.

Fall is the perfect time to ramp up into the new year. Take the lessons learned throughout the past few months and engage your team with quality technology solutions. Move from being a sly negotiator to being a trusted advisor. You’ll sell more cars at a higher gross, and your customers will thank you for it. MAX Digital is committed to helping you achieve your year-end goals. Contact us today and discover all the ways MAX Digital can elevate your dealership in the fourth quarter.