Transform Your Store into the Ultimate Sales Solution

December 16, 2020

Consumers face a number of obstacles during the car buying process. It’s your job to navigate these issues and reduce as much friction as possible. You don’t want a frustrated customer. Rather, your goal is to create a positive atmosphere that fosters a lifelong relationship. Therefore, your store needs to be top-notch in its ability to offer an experience that goes beyond simply being competitive. While that is easier said than done, there are a number of tools available to help you make your store shine.

Start with data. To be successful, you need to capture as much data as possible. The richer and more robust your data is, the more capable you will be at delivering an improved customer experience. This goes beyond sales enablement by allowing you to provide something your competitors can’t. Infuse data with every aspect of your process and you will find that you are able to anticipate the needs of your customers. Your staff will be able to provide answers to questions without skipping a beat. Your store isn’t just a place where consumers can browse for new and used cars. It should be a well of information stocked with the best and brightest around.

With advanced tools for inventory management, you are able to capture that data and put it to use for your store. You get insights from real data to appraise, price, merchandise, and sell vehicles. It might sound easy...and that’s because it is. But it is not enough to simply invest in just any old platform for inventory management. Instead, you want a solution that can be scalable to fit your needs today while you can rightsize the solution to match future growth. Stackable technology allows you to grow your dealership with the ebbs and flow of the economy. Inventory management done right will set you apart from your competitors.

Couple inventory management with a digital showroom and watch your store turn into the ultimate solution for offering an enhanced customer experience while holding more gross per transaction. This fusion is a remedy for any issue you may be having on your lot. Not only are you now capable of empowering your staff, but you also deliver a seamless shopping experience. This is a coveted combo for merchandising and holding more gross. A digital showroom will also amplify your message and provide a more omnichannel opportunity for your customers to shop your inventory.

On top of that, in order truly make your dealership stand out, consider ramping up your trade-in game. This is another avenue where you can use technology to really improve how you buy and sell cars. If the trade-in and appraisal process has become a guessing game for you, now is the time to invest in a solution to alleviate that headache. This is a benefit to you and your customer. Not only can you guarantee that their trade-in is appraised at its true, competitive value, but you ensure that you get a quality vehicle at the right pricepoint.
When you put an emphasis on making your store into the ultimate solution, you become more competitive than ever before. Make the right decisions and invest in the right tools to elevate your store to the next level. Stackable technologies are the wave of the future. Step away from outdated solutions that silo your lot and alienate your customers. Schedule a demo today and discover how your store can become your sales solution.