Unlock a New Dealership Experience by Changing How You Think

April 1, 2021

Over the years, there have been many different ways of thinking about the dealership experience. Unfortunately, a lot of these ways haven’t included thinking about the experience from the customer’s perspective. There exists a mindset where you should put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What does the customer actually want? How do they want to shop? Where do they want to do that? As digital retailing continues its upward trend, these questions will need to be examined under a different lens.

To start, today’s consumer wants a simplified process. It doesn’t have to be fully online. Nor does it have to be completely traditional. Finding that sweet spot is the first step toward success. As a consumer, a hybrid model of buying provides all the information needed while also giving a hands-on experience. A customer wants to walk on to your lot with knowledge about a vehicle they are interested in. But they also want to be able to touch the car and test drive it. A happy medium should be your goal.

It’s important to think through your digital properties with the mindset of your customer. They are going to be searching for certain things. Make sure your ads include as much useful information as possible. Customers will want to see all the included packages, as well as the actual value of those features. Provide a clear description of the vehicle and ensure that your photos are accurate and up to date. Make sure to show actual pictures of the automobile and not just stock ones. The customer is going to want to see a realistic portrayal before they head to your lot. Don’t skimp here. Take the time to do this properly and you will be rewarded.

Another important facet of the dealership experience that could use an upgrade is the trade-in and appraisal process. How are you engaging with your customers here?  All too often, it is easy to not consider the overall experience of trade-ins and appraisals. A convoluted approach is a turnoff for customers. Instead, be transparent and consider their point of view. Provide all the details and reasons for your appraisal. Not only will this build trust between you and the customer, but it will also help you hold more gross. Perspective is an important part of this, so always consider what your customer is going through on their end and cater the process to their needs.

One last point to consider is the speed and frequency of how you interact with your customers. While hybrid is the goal, you still need to deliver information as quickly as possible. Today’s consumer is used to things moving fast. The car shopping experience is no different. With a large percentage of shoppers doing the majority of their research online, you need to offer an experience that is on-demand. No matter how the customer is shopping, there should be no wait involved. Engage with the customer where they are and speed up the overall experience.

Understanding your customer is critical to your success. But it doesn’t stop there. Put in the effort to transform your sales processes to revolve around how the customer thinks and wants to shop. Delivering this unique experience will elevate you over your competitors. In the end, you will sell more cars and make the customer experience positive. MAX Digital offers a suite of stackable solutions capable of streamlining your processes and improving the customer experience. Schedule your demo today!