Used Car Week 2021 Preview

October 18, 2021

Used Car Week 2021 is coming up quickly for the automotive industry. From November 15-18, Las Vegas is going to be revving with excitement. This year’s show will combine five different conferences to create a unique experience for attendees. At its core, Used Car Week unites all corners of the used-car industry from remarketing to dealer-consignor relations and auto finance for four days to discuss current trends, forecasting for the future, and prepping for the road ahead.

With a goal of connecting attendees with the knowledge and the people that matter, Used Car Week aims to create an environment of success for the used-car industry. This year’s show brings Educational Sessions made up of curated workshops, panel discussions, and keynote presentations that provide insights on topics affecting everyone in the industry. There will be a Conference Hub where attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors can begin their Used Car Week experience. On top of that, there will be the Networking Arena, as well as the much anticipated Award Ceremonies.

We are particularly excited for Used Car Week 2021 as MAX Digital’s Tim Scoutelas will be speaking on how franchised dealers can beat online supercenters. His session will focus on how the automotive retail industry has been resilient amidst pivotal shifts in recent years. But when it comes to maintaining grosses, dealers need to find inventive ways to be competitive against online supercenters. Customers are growing more accustomed to the ease and choice of digital retailing, and supercenters are taking advantage of these curious consumers. Tim will explore how to create next-level customer experiences that online supercenters can’t deliver by leveraging emerging technologies, live appraisals, and the ability to buy cars directly from customers at their home or office to generate better grosses in 2022.

Attendees can expect to learn how to identify areas of growth to draw attention away from online competitors. They will also build a roadmap for creating opportunities to increase traffic to their lot. Finally, attendees will explore how to formulate creative strategies for sourcing inventory. Tim’s session promises to help franchised dealers level up in the battle against online supercenters.

Registration for Used Car Week 2021 is open. Reserve your spot for the show today.