What has changed in the car business in the last 24 months? People, Processes, and Best Practices

January 12, 2022

The last video in our series documenting what has changed in the automotive retail industry over the last 24 months focuses on the dramatic shifts dealers are facing on a daily basis. A lot has pivoted in how vehicles are bought and sold. These adjustments have brought forth both success and struggle. MAX Digital’s Tim Scoutelas joins members of the team, Jack Kane and Brad Lovell, to discuss these changes and take a peek into the next 12 months.

People play a vital role in the automotive retail industry. From the show floor to the board room, everyone in the car business is important. But with what is going on in the world around us, there has been a significant shift in operations. Reductions in staff due to the pandemic have caused teams to become more flexible. People are finding themselves forced to wear different hats. As a result, many dealerships are adopting a new way of approaching these challenges.

This changes many processes, which directly impacts best practices. Efficiency is a key component for the modern dealership here. In order to stay competitive with fewer resources, many are focusing on how to streamline operations. The ultimate goal, aside from frantically acquiring inventory, is to keep the customer experience as vibrant as possible. Dealers need to have better tools available to help the sales department understand off-brand inventory. It is a balancing act, but there are solutions available.

The new year is in full swing. There will be an emphasis on people, processes, and best practices. Get a grasp on where your dealership has been, where it is today, and where it is headed tomorrow.

Watch the full video interview with Tim, Jack, and Brad: