What I Learned this Summer: Buy ‘Em All

October 13, 2021

In my final video highlighting all the lessons I learned this summer in the auto industry, I want to talk about the biggest lesson I learned. And that is to buy them all. It’s time to make your customer an offer on their car. No more dancing around numbers or dangling carrots. No more cumbersome forms or long conversations. Just let the customer hit the instant appraisal button, then swoop in and buy them all.

The big reason why I say this is because of how the events of the past year on a whole have impacted the industry. It’s possible that if you bought a car in January, that it is worth more today than then. But chances are that car is long gone. And your inventory is short stacked. The days of buying truckloads of cars from auctions are long gone. You need something on your lot, so why not that customer’s vehicle?

Check out my latest video where I talk about my own experience going through nine different online superstores to get an offer on my vehicle, how auctions have changed, and why dealers need to step up to the plate and make the customer an offer today.