What I learned this Summer: Smart Dealers Stay Sharp and Ahead

October 8, 2021

Each day that passes puts summer a little farther in the rearview mirror. But just because fall is underway doesn’t mean that we can’t still learn lessons from this past summer. In particular, I wanted to discuss what dealers are doing to be successful. There is no exact blueprint that works for every store. So many different factors exist, including population, brand, competition, technology, and inventory. And, while things are holding steady for sales and grosses, now is a better time than ever to evaluate what’s working.

Smart dealers know how their lot operates and understand the ebbs and flows of the automotive retail industry. It might seem appropriate to change with the times, but some tried and true methods simply will not go out of style. So, what is the one consistent thing that successful dealers have in common? Discipline.

As the old saying goes, the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining. And boy, is the sun bright right now. But to make noticeable strides forward, you need to have discipline. That’s easier said than done. So, I sat down with my colleague from MAX Digital, Brad Lovell. Together, we discuss what dealers can do to be successful, what the current state of the industry is, and just how valuable it is to be disciplined.

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