What I Learned this Summer: The Customer is in Control

September 8, 2021

This summer has been a whirlwind of ups and downs. In the beginning of the year, I don’t think I could have predicted where we were headed. And yet, here we are. Summer is nearly over and fall is ready to roll.

One of the big lessons that I learned this summer is that the customer is in control. That doesn’t need to be a difficult pill to swallow. Rather, think of yourself as a guide. Your dealership should be providing a path to purchase that is filled with robust touchpoints.

Digital retailing has accelerated over the past 18 months. The result of this advancement puts the customer directly in control. They rely on you to guide them toward true value. Modern dealerships need to provide transparency and make shopping as easy as possible. Now is the time to tighten up digital retail and standardize processes in order to streamline everything by making it consistent.

I took some time to sit down with MAX Digital’s Matt LaRue to discuss how the customer is in control, the difference between convenience and price, and how important online and digital retailing really is.

Check out the full video interview: