What to Expect At NADA this Year

January 20, 2021

It’s that time of the year again and we are fast approaching the 2021 NADA Show Expo. While excitement is high and everyone is revving their engines with enthusiasm, things will be slightly different this year. After the announcement that NADA would be virtual in 2021, everyone had to shift their focus and expectations for success. With everything that has happened last year, this year’s event will showcase how the automotive retail industry continues to fight on together.

For car dealers, 2020 saw some wins and losses as stores battled conflicts and challenges. But 2021 is here now, and this year’s show brings forth an optimistic glimpse into the future. Together, the automotive retail industry will leap over whatever obstacles appear. NADA has always been a source of knowledge, inspiration, networking, and innovation. Despite the show’s virtual nature, there will be just as many opportunities to learn and connect as ever before.

Whether this is your first time at NADA or you are a seasoned pro, MAX Digital wants to help lead the way by helping you navigate the virtual waters.

One of the best parts of NADA is the opportunities to network with others in the industry. Traditionally, people from all over the country gather to share insights and trade business cards. Just because we are behind a computer screen does not change that aspect of NADA. This year’s show has plenty of networking events and virtual receptions to help you make the valuable connections that will make the upcoming year a success. From the opening night reception to the closing night one, there will be many opportunities to connect. Highlights of 2021 NADA networking events include Whiskey & Automotive Trivia Happy Hour, Women Driving Auto Retail Happy Hour, and NADA Academy Alumni & NextGen Reception.

But networking isn’t the only reason to attend NADA this year. There are a number of key workshops and learning opportunities to help you uncover new ways to excel in the automotive retail space. NADA Academy instructors and top industry specialists will lead more than 60 education sessions, both live and on-demand during the virtual NADA Show. From discovering new ways to utilize social media for merchandising to deploying novel technologies that will assist in pricing and marketing, NADA is poised to provide you with creative solutions to complex problems.

But that’s not all. MAX Digital’s very own Tim Scoutelas, director of strategic accounts, and Patrick McMullen, senior vice president of strategic accounts, will present “Creative Ways to Acquire Used Inventory” at 12:30 p.m. Feb. 10. The presentation will provide a deep dive into new and inventive avenues for building out your lot. It takes time, patience, and dedication. But by diving into modern solutions and expanding your reach, you can thrive at acquiring used inventory for your lot.

On top of that, MAX Digital will be on hand to provide you with information, and answer any industry questions you may have. With a focus on holding more gross, MAX Digital’s suite of technology tools have helped stores like yours to make $518 more per unit. On top of that, we will be showing off our new and improved FirstLook, which provides you with the next generation of inventory management. Our tool will equip you with the largest, most accurate dataset in the industry and the reporting necessary to acquire, appraise, and price your inventory correctly.

In conjunction with the enhanced FirstLook, we have also upgraded and advanced MAX Digital Showroom. Focusing on the customer experience, as well as empowering your staff to be as successful as possible, MAX Digital Showroom provides all the details that make a vehicle unique so that buyers fully understand the value. Proper sales enablement helps you give an intuitive transparent shopping experience that will put a smile on your customer’s face.

We are looking forward to NADA 2021. This year’s show will establish just how strong the automotive retail industry is. Learn more about how MAX Digital can help you out in 2021. Schedule a virtual meeting today!