How to Improve Your Dealership Sales System

September 6, 2018

Today’s car shopper has a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. That’s why it’s important for your sales team to have the tools and information to meet their demands. So how can you improve your dealership sales system with training and technology for the modern era? Let us show you.

Optimizing Your Dealership Sales System

Sales Training for the Internet Age

Before a salesperson even steps foot on the showroom floor, he or she needs the proper training to close the deal. Today’s customers crave transparency and convenience. They’ve already done their homework by researching vehicles online, finding the features they need, and determining their budget. By using a dealership sales system that trains its salespeople for the modern era, your goals of increasing CSI scores, improving sales productivity, and increasing profits will all be easier to achieve.

Systems like MAX Path to Purchase™ from MAXDigital can help your sales team build the customer’s trust and confidence throughout the entire sales process so that the customer knows and understands that they’re getting a reasonable deal.

Providing your salespeople with the cutting-edge training that you get with the MAX Path to Purchase program will help reduce the amount of turnover in your sales staff. That means you can spend less time and energy training new hires and put more focus on building the business.

Sales Technology That Meets the Needs of Today’s Customer

MAXDigital is proud to help dealerships sell the way modern consumers want to buy. Our technology-guided solutions help simplify the sales process.

While walking the lot or browsing the showroom, customers have quick access to vehicle information on their smartphones or tablets. Shouldn’t your sales team, too? MAX Digital Showroom provides vehicle information through desktop computers and Apple and Android mobile devices. A sales member can examine detailed information about every car, truck, crossover, and SUV in your online inventory so they can deliver real-time updates.

MAXDigital solutions allow salespeople to speak with confidence about the value of each car, which makes the customer feel at ease about receiving a fair deal. If the customer is trading in a vehicle, the dealership appraisal tool pulls market data to ensure a fair price almost instantly. This can reduce the negotiation time so that the salesperson and the customer walk away satisfied with the deal.

Set up Your Sales System for Success

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