How Inventory Management Software Can Drive Your Dealership

March 18, 2019

It’s hard to sell cars when you don’t know what you have, what they’re worth, or how much you should ask for them. Mismanaging inventory accounts for lost time, money, and closed deals. It also affects scores of dealerships nationwide. And proper inventory management has never been more critical with dealerships being saddled by unsold vehicles.

Despite being a costly problem, auto inventory management issues are a relatively easy fix — especially when you have MAXDigital’s inventory management software.

What Inventory Management Software Can Do for You

You’ll stock your inventory with confidence

Use hard data to find the vehicles that are most likely to sell at your location. Eliminate the guessing game and start putting proven sellers at the front of your lot by combining historical sales data with current market trends. Your best-sellers will gain prime real estate on the lot, your website, and in your marketing channels.

Every vehicle will be instantly appraised

Pull market data on vehicle pricing the second one rolls onto the lot and find a fair price point for all of your inventory. Before you can even track down the keys, you’ll know what a car is worth, where you should price it, and where you should aim to sell it.  

Your price points will be validated

Gather all third-party price points and condense them for easy validation that will eliminate any unnecessary discounts from slipping through the cracks and ensure your pricing is competitive across the market.

The inventory management software from MAXDigital eliminates the guesswork by arming you with the data you need to acquire, price, and sell with purpose. Use it on your computer at your desk or bring it right onto the lot with your smartphone. Our software works wherever you do.  

The MAXDigital Way

Our inventory management software is just one of the ways we drive success to automotive dealerships through web and mobile applications that are easy to learn and use by managers and associates alike. Streamline your sales process and empower your team with MAXDigital.

Schedule a personalized demonstration of our inventory management software or any of our solutions to see how MAXDigital can be the driving force behind your dealership.