Getting on the Right Path to Sales Enablement

March 4, 2021

The concept of sales enablement is simple: empower your salespeople to be as successful as possible with the highest performing tools available. The path to getting there, however, is a tad more tricky. You see, sales enablement is more than just a phrase being tossed around. It is a tangible concept that helps your dealership grow and succeed. If you want to be competitive, then you need next-generation solutions for your staff.

As the car buying process continues to evolve, your dealership needs to be equipped with the right tools to handle the modern consumer. Transparency is essential here because of how shopping has changed. With online touchpoints quickly becoming more prevalent, sales enablement tools are required to put your team into a position of expertise. The end result of the deployment of such tools helps you sell smarter during every customer interaction.

Start by bridging the gap between your staff and your customers to create a unified experience. Bring intelligent solutions to your dealership to cultivate new skills for your employees. After all, a smarter workforce results in a happier customer. Your salespeople will be more knowledgeable about the vehicles on your lot and be able to instantly answer any questions a customer may have.

Proper sales enablement will not only empower your sales team, but engage your customers in the process. Confidence is contagious. The customer will know they selected the right dealership based on your sales staff’s uncanny ability to anticipate their needs. Success here will come from the available integrations for solutions and the advanced data provided by the systems.

Launching a digital showroom offers you the most flexibility for achieving these goals. Specifically, this sort of solution transforms your team into instant product experts. Imagine selling vehicles based on true value rather than prices alone. Customers will notice a difference the moment they step onto your lot. You salespeople will be armed with OEM build data, market data, and vehicle history reports. A wealth of information is accessible from their fingertips. With this comes the ability to build trust with customers and deliver a transparent experience. Digital showrooms really put an emphasis on how competitive your store can be.

Beyond a digital showroom, more sales enablement can elevate your trade-in process. This is a benefit to both you and your customers. Transparency will make the difference between a smooth sale and a disengaged customer. Put your customer in the “driver’s seat” of the negotiation and let them feel in control. When it comes to valuing their vehicle, this will alleviate hostility or negative connotations. A collaborative appraisal tool helps you get more cars at a lower cost. The end result is improved customer satisfaction.

More than ever before, your reputation counts. With all of the modern social platforms for engaging with consumers, it is critical to build an experience that resonates positively with everyone involved. This concept is amplified when you consider all of the avenues customers have to share how positive or negative their experience with your dealership was. Sales enablement tools are available to elevate you to the next level. The first step is to schedule a consultation with MAX Digital. We will walk you through the options for sales enablement at your dealership and help you build a roadmap for success through the coming months. Schedule your consultation today.