Take Charge of Your Lot with Sales Enablement

August 11, 2021

Are you being proactive or reactive? All too often, it’s easy to wait around and see how the market adjusts. Reacting to these changes leaves your dealership vulnerable to shifts that can’t be anticipated. If you are wanting a dynamic dealership, then you need to do the right things today to get you on the path to sales enablement.

As it stands, sales enablement for your automotive dealership is a way to drive the intersecting elements of sales, marketing, customer care, and product/brand management. The result of these actions will improve seller productivity and enhance the buyer experience. When it comes to selling cars, this is a slam dunk.

First, consider all the touchpoints your customer will make when shopping for a new or used vehicle. You have to go beyond being digitally reactive. For example, consider the level of functionality your website brings to the table. If you treat your website simply as a machine for inquiries, then you risk losing sales. Instead, your website needs to work as a salesperson and provide opportunities for the customer to do some work online before they get into the dealership.

When they are actually on your lot, you need to provide proactive opportunities for consumers to engage with your merchandise. Your salespeople need to sell at the best of their ability. As a result, you need to provide technology that empowers your staff to exceed your customer’s expectations. A digital showroom is an excellent way to establish knowledge touchpoints that allow your salesforce to have as much information as possible.

Building value is important for your lot, so establish trust early. The modern customer will have a lot of information when they come to your store (some from you and some from their own independent research/outside sources). At every stage of the buying journey, transparent share-friendly formats build vehicle value and establish a higher level of trust.

Once you have established these finer points of sales enablement, you can create a unique experience that starts before the customer reaches your lot and lasts long after the ink has dried. Don’t short your dealership’s potential by utilizing lackluster solutions. Actually enable sales with a stack of technologies that are nimble and scalable.

Once you take charge of your lot, you will start to see an increase in grosses on every transaction. Customers will be happier and your staff will be more knowledgeable than ever before. You will turn more profit, sell more cars, and improve staff training. Now is the time to get serious about your lot and make proactive decisions for your future.

The automotive retail industry will continue to see changes and pivot into new directions. It’s up to you to have all the tools possible to prepare for tomorrow. Partner with a next-generation technology provider in order to arm yourself with the best data possible to power your dealership to be successful.Not sure where to start? Schedule a consultation with MAX Digital today.